My Daughter

My name is Marissa Johnson, i am 27, and i lost my daughter last year. She drowned, and i was forced to watch. We have locks on our doors, because we have a problem with Vandilizers.So we have a lock on each of our doors,one leading to the frount porch, the other to the pool area. Me and my husband where-Are- getting divorced and he was-is- getting the house. So, he changed the code to the pool area. By code i mean the lock, the locks have a thing where you have to put in a code for the door to unlock. When you close the door again, it re-locks and you have to put the passcode back in to get out or in.And my daughter,i guess, knew those codes.. somehow. but i didint. She had gone in to the pool area.. to get the beachball, i later found out. I Only heard her scream once, then a splash.. I Had been on the phone, talking and sometimes fighting with my Husband when it happend. i dropped the phone and ran to the back door, the only way to get to the pool. The door is Bullet-Proof glass..-We don't live in the safest Neiborhood..- And i coulden't break it.. Emily had fallen in, and was thrashing trying to get air. She was only 6... She couldent swim..I wasent able to break the glass in time... She died right in frount of my eyes. By the time i weakened the glass enough to break it,She was gone. i tried CPR, i pumped her little heart until the Paramedics arrived... And they said i had done all i could do..
TheMourningMother TheMourningMother
26-30, F
Jan 20, 2013