Is This Normal?

First off let me start with my soldier and I haven't talked since August. Yes, I'm in a relationship and it's still going amazing because neither one of us have talked to each other since he's gotten deployed. He is an E5, sniper, secret ops and all of that.. I don't know if he isn't contacting me because he can't or he doesn't want to.. Puts me on edge because here I am, turning down other people thinking I'm in a relationship even though we don't talk.. My soldier always told me, no matter what he'll always come back to me. With that is that a for sure thing? I never anticipated the fact that he wouldn't have emailed, called, etc. by now. I thought I'd still at least get to talk to him. I do love him, honestly. Straight out, I want to give him my world, but.. I don't know if I'm doin the right thing for waiting for someone who I haven't talked to for four months.. ): suggestions? comments??
hislittlemisssgt hislittlemisssgt
18-21, F
Nov 18, 2011