Just One Touch

For some people, all it takes is just one touch. One touch to change your way of thinking. One touch to break you down or lift you up. For me that was all it took. My sisters boyfriend was like my big brother, we always had such a close relationship until a year ago. My sister and i stopped talking. when i lost her i also lost him. today i had to go to his house with my family. just like every other time i sat there and was being ignored. i just wanted to leave. i finally got my chance. as we were leaving i was waiting for everyone to say goodbye. all of a sudden her boyfriend gives me a huge hug and my heart sank. he hasnt done that in over a year. that one hug made me realize that nothing is more important than family. im glad to say that my sister, her boyfriend and i worked everything out. were a family again.
MsArmygirl7 MsArmygirl7
18-21, F
May 16, 2012