Tonight: I Just Want To Tell Her Everything In My Heart!

I can't. She's untouchable. She thinks so differently. She sees all through me. She seems so flippant about wether or not I'm even in her life. Everyone tells me that I'm too good for her. She's a piece of ****. She's not worth my time. She's a taker. She isn't good for me. I know this. I am not stupid. I know she's bad for me. I know she sucks. The thing about her is that she intrigues me. She makes me think. She makes me wonder. Tonight that is what I'm missing. I wish just once she would email me. Just once, I wish she would text me and see how I am without me initiating contact. And so I don't say anything. I agnore her now. I gave up trying. But tonight.... Oh my god I miss her tonight. I miss how special she makes me feel when she notices those little things about me. I miss her but I won't let her know.
ClovisCat ClovisCat
31-35, F
May 20, 2012