Today I took a big and first step ending my 5 year relationship. We had started to fight way to much and wee growin into such unhealthy people. Its all my fault too.
A year ago we be came stressed about money and when we both moved back home split up. After six months of us having minimal communication I reached out to someone and started talking to them. My boyfriend who is now my ex seen the messages, from that point I was a a cheating, nasty, person... you all know the words im talking about.
And after that he hated me but wanted it to work out and said he still loved me and was sorry for everything.
This has went back and forth for about 4 months now and I just can't do it anymore. But I am at the same time feeling like I made a huge mistake.
I still love him with all my heart, I just didnt know what else to do.
Help me!
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It takes more than love to maintain a relationship. If there is too much water under the bridge maybe its better for u both to walk separate ways and maybe as impossible as it sounds right now in the future regain a friendship. You both have each others memories and have had a lot of experiences together, that wont go away but there is no point holding onto that kind of stuff to drag out something that clearly is not working for reasons u wont be able to see while you are in it so deep. As much as it will hurt for a while it may be better than dragging and digging up pain until it ends another way. If its not working u both need to step out, step back, let time pass and then see why and learn from the experience.

Thank you
Yea its just really hard because it was more than love. He became my best friend, the person I came home to share my day with and cry if I was upset. And just like that I had to let go and lose someone almost as if they had passed away.

What do you need?

Reassurances, thoughts... im depressed a girl who is inlove crying her eyes out.

Life throws this at us some times, they are really difficult times to tackle , but with detraction, positive reinforcement and healthy coping strategies you will get through this. Keep yourself around happy people, or family if u get along if u cant, Just keep doing each day with distance and healthy destractions, try to keep your spirits up and out of the content between you too for a while as difficult as it can be. This way as time passes so will the pain and things will start to seem more clearer. Then eventually u can challange your thoughts about events between you too. Just never make any rash decisions based on emotion, your likely to regret it.

It's part of the growing pains. It's not the end if the world. We are build to take on much more than this. Go do something you like to keep your minds off this. Travel or leave to just get away for a while. Talk to people you Trust.