August 30, 2014

Not today. But maybe tomorrow you'll wake up and miss me too..
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4 Responses Aug 29, 2014

Maybe he already does miss you but doesn`t let others know it....maybe! we can not know but as our hearts miss those we love most we hope their hearts feel the same for us. There is always new hope with every new day and every sunrise, so don`t give up.

I guess he does he texted me and tried to call but i just cant answer im scared and im tired. 10years together but i never felt loved.

You need some time to let all that sorrow out and just breath! break up is such tough thing and it can mess with our heads that we can not think in clear way, make sure you take enough time to process the whole thing emotionally and mentally with clear head before you talk with him; when we feel sad and hurt we say things we don`t mean and our words can hurt others badly and when we realize that, it is too late to take them just take some time for yourself until you relax little before any communication with him.
I hope things get better for you soon.

Beautifully said

Or maybe they have to make room for your real love. Maybe that's who will arrive in your life tomorrow. I hope so. x

You never know... Tomorrow maybe all your dreams will come true

I pray and hope.. Maybe tomorrow.. Maybe just maybe..