Lost my Grandpop a couple months ago. He was beyond the best person ever. I miss him every single day. He took on the role of father and grandfather. A week after my pop passed,my gram had a cancer scare. It's been a rough couple of months.
Kierstyne Kierstyne
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I loved my granpop enormously. He took Ill and ended up going to hospital.
My ex was 9 months pregnant at the time!
He slowly deteriorated and eventually passed away a few days later.
Come the day of the funeral. Everybody was doing their bit to ensure my grandmother wasn't left alone. So my then wife volunteered to spend the day with her. Helping her change for the funeral. Helping her organise the get together afterwards. Helping tidy away once folk had gone etc.
So around 6:00 in the evening. We were sat with a cup of tea reflecting on the day. Just my grandmother, my wife and I. When suddenly my wife's waters broke!
Poor woman was beside herself with embarrassment. But my grandmother slipped into 'mum mode!'
She made her comfortable. Made sure she had anything that she needed. Even called the maternity suite at the hospital to let them know to expect us once the contractions weren't far apart.
Well. We waited until 6am. And nothing had happened. So my grandmother called my father who then ran us both to the maternity unit. And sure enough. A couple of hours later. Our eldest son was born.
But from that day on. As well as being the day after we lost 'Pop'. It was also the day we had our first son!
Pop would have loved the idea of one life replacing another.