Hi, im feeling so depressed and disparate. I was planning my wedding this month when my fiancé broke with me last month. He said we were fighting alot, that i didnt respect him enough and we had money problems which he said i didnt help with. I even bought my wedding dress :(( i texted him just a week aftee he broke with me, and he again said we were fighting alot and that there is a 0% chance we go back together. He used to love me so much, but in the last several weeks we were together i felt he was cold and stressed. We really did fit, he was my first love and my everything, by breaking up he broke my heart badly, i miss him so much, thinking of him all the time an crying badly..it is been 6 weeks now and i cant get over it, i just need him back, only his hug would make me feel better :(

Ive never ever experienced as bad pain a this, i really dont even wish it for an enemy..it is killing me and destroying my lif and soul..
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I know you don't wanna hear this. There a good chance he seeing some1 else. Even if he didn't wanna marry. It shouldn't effect him wanting to be with you, at least sometimes. No contact means he moved

He kept blaming me for everything happened, he said i pushed him away, that i wasn't a smart girl to keep him, he said i destroyed everything and i was a materialistic girl instead of standing by him..he said all that, broke my heart and went away :((

It's not my position to say this, but he is Probably seeing someone else. Like saddumnblind said. Other wise why change his mind in the last week or month of you guys getting married? You know what I mean. Hang on tight, I wish you all the luck to get better.

I understand your pain. I was with my boyfriend for 10years but he broke up with me 18days ago. Just let him go for a while and soon he will miss you and forget about all the fighting. He still loves you just give him space for a while everything will be ok.

I'm so so sorry :(
Being left behind by someone you love is really tough!
You're still in the grieving phase, this will take a while but it will get better and you will love again.

Hi, I know exactly how you feel right now. I want you to know that I'm here for you 100%.

Will this ever go away :(