The day you left... I still miss you!

I remember the day like it happen last night when I got that call "He's died... He's died" those were the first word I heard on the phone. My beautiful two year old god son was died. The Idea was so crazy it was hard to believe and it really didn't hit me until l ran up stairs and told my mom and I broke down. After getting my self together I made it my mission to get to the hospital. I was 17 at the time and before I got the call at about 6:30am I was getting ready for school. I had to take two buses to get there but I made it and when I did all I had to say was his name and I was pointed back to a room with my two best friends (one of which was my god son's mom) and the child's father we were all in tears. After about 5 mins. of crying together my friend realized she didn't tell her mom yet. So she called and told her and her mom fainted then she had to explain what happen to a coworker who later drove her mom to the hospital. We cried some more then the nurse come in and said we could see the body. I went in with the mother and father. The mother just talked to him and said good-bye. While I just stared (I was the first time I ever seen a dead body before) and there it was a child I loved in a diaper on a table. I looked at his blue lips, his beautiful face with a small beauty mark by his right eye and stared at the small amount of blood on the table not sure where it came from he had no cuts. Then I touched him for the last time I put my hands through his curly hair and rubbed his little hands and legs I was little scared to find his legs stif. The father just cried at his feet then we all cried then left the room. It was not until the next day did the drama really start. The father of the child was arrested. I knew the child died in his care but never though the dad was responable because he was there at the hospital with us crying saying he didn't know what happened. I thought maybe the child was sick and no one knew. But it was true he took his child's life. He was 17 at the time and pled guilty and got 20 years in my state he can get out in 10. Crazy! The story of how it happens is the mother wanted to hang with another friend and they dropped the child off around 12 am to the fathers house. He latter told her (while he was in jail) he was high on weed and the dipper (which is embalming fluid). After being dropped off the dad called her a few hours latter saying he not breathing. When she got there he had already passed. The dad claims to have woke up and found him that way. The autopsy shows he died by being beaten in the head and chest. I hope you have taken or learned something for this story. I just know that he will never be forgotten and i want to share his story. This happened four years ago but he is still loved and missed. I only feel joy knowing he is a angel in heaven!
SugarSoul SugarSoul
22-25, F
Jan 12, 2013