A Bright Star

If you stay here long enough you get very used to people leaving and most of the time it leaves you feeling a little sad but things go on as usual for the most part. But once in a while someone leaves and it changes your experience here. The hole is huge for you. You miss the banter, the PMs, the daily confiding in each other. But everything else changes too. You realize they were the glue that kept a group of people together and once they leave, the group disperses which says a lot about the person who has left. So it's not just that you lose that person's presence here, but you lose the common bond that was between several people. I guess it just feels like a completely different place all together. It's like starting over, standing here looking around wondering which direction I should walk. When one person leaving can zap the fun right out of here, you know that is a very special person. I miss my friend. I miss how things were but will not be going forward.
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5 Responses Feb 3, 2012

Hopefully, she'll be back.

Don't we all?

I am sorry for your loss. I know this feeling well.

LC, I'm sorry, I completely missed it, I'm sorry for your loss.

Yeah, its happened a few times that I've seen. Its hard rebuilding.

It's interesting here that you can bond with other people solely by writing. I heard in a class that some big percentage - like 60% - of communication is nonverbal. It's amazing that despite that huge missing nonverbal piece that we can touch each other and be friends. Good friends. Good friends that can cheer, listen, tease, and warm each other's hearts.