A Person Who Once Liked Me

i miss this girl, she is bubbly smart outgoing and very sweet, i have no idea what her name is though i knew her for years, i changed so much i hardly recognize myself at all, i wish i could find her i wish i could see her, her smile was my light my power my strength my reason for living, her eyes so green like emeralds shining in the sun, the way she looked at me the way no one els looks at me, like im sum one special in a way, i miss that alot, when ever she saw me she would run and jump into my arms, the smell of her hair still lingers in my thoughts fresh smooth and slightly wild the touch of her tiny soft hands were so gentel and caring, comforting and protective she made me feel wanted she made me feel warm and now that i cant find her i feel like im stuck in a cold dark hole with no escape and no freedom, i just want to be saved i want to be held again like everything is gonna be ok i want to live for sum one like her
thenakedpope thenakedpope
22-25, M
Nov 28, 2012