It's been a year today since me and my ex broke up, and to be perfectly honest it still affects me. I haven't seen her face since. We spoke a bit after but since then we've drifted apart, whenever I see her online part of me wants to speak to her, but a major part of me can't do it. I loved her so much, I'll never forget the many good times we had together, what we did together, but I sure can't forget the bad times and the bad things she said to me. I'm fairly sure she's found someone else and honestly I feel weird about that, especially when i find it hard to move on myself. Probably doesn't help that she's still in my thoughts. I loved her, and i'll admit I do miss her, but I understand the even though the break up is still hurting me, I have to keep moving.
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1 Response Aug 30, 2014

How long were you guys together?

a year and 9 months