We don't talk like we used to and it makes me kinda sad... Everyone's moved on and left me and I'm here alone not knowing what to do.. I completely understand if you don't wanna talk to me at times and I won't spam you with messages asking why your being distant. Because I know what it's like to not want to talk to people and I get it. I'm not the best at talking but I like talking to you. I trust you and that's a lot for me because I don't trust anyone. But if I make it awkward I'm sorry. Because I do that a lot and you deny it but we all know I'm awkward and I struggle when it comes to talking. I like this site because you can just talk to people and not give a ****. But I really do miss staying up late talking to you about anything and everything(:
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1 Response Aug 26, 2014

It feeels like im saying that about the one . . Very ture . I have such a feeling