Started My Downward Spiral Last Year

I don't know why, but when I read about Steve's death last year it was like I lost a best friend. 

that event was the second that started me in a downward spiral of depression and lethargy that is still lingering.  The first was a few weeks before when my wife caught up with me on vacation, she arrived and less than 2 hours later we got a call from my x that my son was taken to an emergency room.  We immeadiatly drove back home and I spent the night trying to find which one he was at and when I caught up with him he was asleep in the hospital - but doing fine.  He was released the next day.

then Steve died, then more friends here died (they were younger than me).  then marital problems just drove it all down.  I felt like I had no support and felt like just throwing in the towel and activating the escape plan (no - not suicide).

but Steve, he was one of the good ones.  My wife and I loved watching his stuff.  My 3 year old will watch his movie over and over again (says 'wath'n croc!').  I feel so bad for his wife and kids, losing such a great husband and father like that. 

I miss you Steve. 

thatweirdromanguy thatweirdromanguy
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1 Response Jun 8, 2007

I felt terribly sad, when Steve died. He contributed so selflessly to society, yet he was made a villian by the media for "jeopardizing" the life of his 1 month old baby!<br />
We still mourned our loss, a true blue Aussie.