Why I Still Miss Summer Vacation After 17 Years.

When I was a kid (yeah 100 years ago, ha ha), I had friends who hated school.  Now, I was a shy kid in elementary school, so sometimes I wished I could be invisible, but I kind of liked school.  Still, as April turned to May and the mountains of snow finally yielded to muddy clumps of last year's grass, I started to get that antsy feeling those other kids had on the first day...get me outta here!

Here's my dilemma, I've been out of public school since 1990.  University does not count because I never saw the sun during those years of over-lapping, rotten part- time jobs.  So it has been 17 years since my final summer vacation from school, but I still get that antsy feeling each year, as if there is any chance my boss will say "Have a few months off (paid, I'm sure).  I'll see you in Autumn!" 

I know I will never have a summer vacation again, but some weird internal Mikki sundial  does not get that a change has occurred.  I am now officially so old that I have spent more years not having a summer vacation than I did having one.  So why do I still get this feeling?  Worse yet, why must I have a short (yet chocolaty good) mourning period every June when I must accept, once again, that my kids get to play tag in the yard, while I get to be a grown up? 

I'm afraid I don't seem likely to outgrow this stage I'm in.  So, while I can not change my feelings about my lack of summer vacation, I can definitely apply what I know to raising my kids.  Let them play.  They'll be grown ups soon enough. 

So my 14 year old wants a summer job.  Of course, he should if he feels strongly about it, but I remind him that he only has 4 summer vacations left in his whole life.  What would I have done differently if someone had put it that way to me?  What would you have done differently?

Probably nothing,  we were kids!  But my kid decided maybe he could mow a few lawns and babysit for extra cash instead of punching the old time clock.  I'm really happy that he's taking time to stay a kid, maybe just one more summer, for dear old mom.

Mikki Mikki
31-35, F
Jul 28, 2007