Man, I Miss It.

I mean back in those days, we would chill through the harsh winters. But when it was the last day of school. MMMM..... Girls were looking very pretty, dressing pretty also. You dealt with school everyday, until the summertime. I was a Freshman, then becoming a sophomore, then a junior, then a Senior. God knows, I love everyday of high school. I hate the homework. But actually this is still consider a school semester. I would have a boat-load of classes. I would pass them, and move on to the next semester. I have to go back to those days. When you put everything on the line until the summer. Everything is great! I do need to leave for school like back in the days around 8 a.m. We get up and we go to school. I just hate that College don't have Physical Education. I wonder do Chicago State have a fitness room or something. I would like to come around 3. Then go back to my 6:00 p.m class.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 28, 2010