Just Want Someone That Cares An Wants Something Like Me

sometimes when i get off of work an i come home an i clean up an then cook dinner then do dishes an dont want to watch tv i shut every light off an grab a beer an i just think to myself you know i would love to just go out an lie in the back yard an watch the stars an hold hands an kiss not make out just a few kisses some nights i think of it more in depth but mainly just laying ther an relaxing an looking into the sky other times i think man i cant wait to put my pool back up im going to be out here non stop but then it dons on me that i have no one that i can do that with an that makes me sad an it makes me think you know how long will it be before i can be that happy i cant wait to put pics up an get into more detail about how i am as a man i am open with my emotions on how i feel an what im thinking not a whinney sniveling type i dont say i love you just to get into bed with you those three words are ment for when u mean them not throw them around when you feel nothing but lust i cook i clean i work 2 full time jobs but still have time to do things like go to movies out to dinner were as another man with two full time jobs would want to just loaf around at the house which i have my own i dont get it ladies i am this amazing guy an take it as cockiness or how ever you want but i dont see that in many other men out there that can do all of that an still be supportive of anything that she wants to do to buy here anything she wants to leave small notes in the morning that you hope that she wakes an finds an smiles an to think about that person with every beat of your heart but still be able to not be controllive an protective an insecure an stupid an over react to things i dont get it anymore i say this as i sit in adark home were i feel alone per the normal an i feel like not sleeping cause the thought of sleeping is more depressing than anything right now so i dont want to be in bed idk what to do really i have no idea ive loved ive lost but at this point an time after this last loss idk what to do i find myself back at square one i find my self beat up an beat down an i feel like i just got done boxing with a 350 lb guy on steroids i look for strength an in a person on here that will remain secret she helps me with this idk what to do idk what to do about anything this place has helped me i can just keep typeing an i love the comments an thank you everyone that has they all help me an just idk talk to me anything is better than silence an being alone
bradman5142 bradman5142
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1 Response Mar 21, 2012

I guess sitting in dark dreaming won't help u find her... u have to stop dreaming, thinking... go and get her.... there is plenty of fish in the sea to chooooose from... Man should always take a 1st move so what u waiting 4? ... time flies.... stop thinking and make a move....