I was born in 1990. So, really, I never knew anything else, other than the 90s and whatever right now is. The 2000somethings.  

I remember not having internet, watching shows like Arthur, Doug, Gargoyles, and Krat's Creatures (before it was Zaboomafoo). I remember when I wanted a gigapet more than anything, when Furbies scared me, and Beanie Babies were the coolest toy ever. The President was and always had been (as best as I could reason) a man named Bill Clinton. Public service announcements encouraging teen excellence showed video clips of teenagers and young adults, that dressed like my older cousins, saying things like "I am not generation X, I am generation EXcellent", and having no idea what that meant, and not knowing I wasn't a part of any generation yet. 

I am generation Y! We're barely here now, 90s babies, now we're in college and highschool and now it's our turn to prove our excellence. 

youngmiss youngmiss
18-21, F
Mar 16, 2009