I Missed The 70's In The Worst Way,

I wasn't born till 76 so I was still in diapers and being pottie trained...really wished I experienced that decade...I love the music, the laid back atmosphere, the free love...but really I don't know. Maybe the time I did grow up was better, you always want what you can't have and when you see what you could have, maybe it wasn't that great after all. but still.....i just say that to make myself feel better.
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I also miss how tv ads were really short back then and a show only had a few ad breaks and they were a lot quieter. Nowadays most ads are obnoxious and noisy (especially here in Australia) and go for 4 minutes at a time! <br />
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Radio was similar! I remember a radio station in my city would play entire albums - ad free. For example they played an entire Pink Floyd album without one ad break! That's virtually unheard of in these current days of greed and profit making!

I was born at the very tail end of the '60s, and I remember the '70s only in snipets. But I do remember having that Farrah Fawcett poster featured in the group avatar in my room from '76 and right on through the early '80s! Hearing Billy Joel's "The Stranger" album for the first time, and experiencing the Blizzard of '78 -- definitely one for the memory banks! Good times ...!

Born in the same year as foxwolfie so agree with the above comments except for the fashions. Disco emerged in the 70s. It was a whole culture and great fun. My husband was my boyfriend in the 70s and it was a blast. I don't think I would like the nightclub scene nowadays.

Yeah i love the fashion of that time too. Its too bad I missed that decade.