70s Were The Best Era

Even though I was just a kid in the 70s I really miss everything about it. People were friendlier, I remember walking down the street and strangers said hi to each other.  The music was amazing, so much diversity from light hearted and happy sounding rock songs to crazy experimental music and progressive rock etc. Music was made mostly by people who loved it and were talented rather than the formula stuff churned out these days in the name of profit and fame. 

Clothes were individual and not all made in China - although I do not miss seeing ugly brown suits with giant lapels everywhere! 

The cars were big and had a lot of style to them (Starsky and  Hutch anyone?).  There was no obsessing about emails and cell phones, so on the weekend you could go connect with people in person or just chill by yourself without being interrupted. If you did something stupid it wasn't going to be plastered all over youtube or facebook the next day! There were parks everywhere in summer with a lot of live bands. There was much less traffic, traffic jams and pollution. 

I miss the roller skating rinks, the neon posters and black lights, genuine lava lamps (not the poor imitations of today), disco balls, crazy make up, drive-in movies, the toys, etc etc etc.

The further we get away from the 70s the more I appreciate  that it was a really unique time and can never be replicated. Certainly there are a lot of great conveniences today but I don't get the sense that people are happier!  If someone invented a time machine the first stop for me would be the 70s!
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Yeah they do sound good :)

<p>I entered 1970 at age 6. I had a 70s childhood that is the envy of all. No computers. No cell phones. No VHS or DVD pla<x>yers. Just lizards, and fireant hills, endless summer days riding bicycles with playing cards in the spokes. Vinyl records, and Battlestar Galactica, and Close Encounters posters. JAWS scared the hell outta me, and Star Wars changed my world.</p>

That's why it was called "The Sensationsal 70's", it really, really was just so good. Most of my friends still reckon I live in the 70's, maybe their right, after all I am tapping this out, sitting here wearing my Blondie T-shirt, & I still like to think that Deb is pretty HOT stuff too !!!

So much different. What I miss about the 70s. Grew up in the 70s. Pinball still rocked, rock and roll was still in it's heyday, society wasn't saturated with media, crime was much less violent. hard, harmful drugs weren't rampant, the population was sustainable (240 million), development wasn't swallowing up our wildlife and beauty, your personal information was practically anonymous, the judicial system wasn't drowning in frivolous lawsuits brought just for personal gain, mega corporations like Walmart didn't exist, and all of the Beatles were still alive. I could go on and on. Granted, there was a lot wrong back then, it just seems like the good better outweighed the bad.

Starsky and Hutch were brilliant.

I am 41 and, though just a kid back then as well, I miss everything about the '70s you mentioned here. Times were simpler, but simpler in a good way. It'd be fun to spend a month or two back then as the adults we are now, wouldn't it?