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A Great Time

I was 16 in 1970.I was buying good running cars for $25.00 and cheaper.People were actually giving me cars for nothing.Gas was around 50 cents a gallon.
Things were alot cheaper.We just moved to Lowell,Indiana and i was starting to really run free.Running around with friends.The music was and still is wonderful.It was a wonderful time to be around.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 2 Responses Feb 24, 2012

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As a New Yorker who dislikes California and grew up as a child in the 70's, I can truly admit that California in the 70's seemed freakin' awesome! If any state defined the 70's, it was California. If I could time travel back, I'd beg HG Wells to send me to Malibu Beach!

It was a great time. I was living in California and singing in the neighborhood band. We even got to play and sing on the Queen Mary in Long Beach California. Those were the days. Wonderful memories, thanx 4 helping me remember. : )