I'm Stuck In The 70s & I Want To Go Back

I was born in 1968 and I miss everything about the 70s, the "good old days." I miss the music, the hippies (my mother was so beautiful), the world before computers, iPads and cell phones! I miss "Happy Days", "Welcome Back Kotter", "Laverne and Shirley", "The Jeffersons", "All in the Family", "Fantasy Island", "Good Times" and "Hee Haw". I miss "Sister Golden Hair", "Sara Smile", "Stairway to Heaven", "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl", and all of the 70s music. I miss the days when kids could go outside and play all day and not come home until dinner time, then go out again until dark.
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You're not alone! I was born in 1967, and life was so wonderful then, all the technology hasn't brought us together, it's tearing everything apart.
Even Saturday morning cartoons are a thing of the past...how will kids ever get that feeling of wonder we had, if nothing gives them wonder... :(

I'm too stuck in that beautiful era , I will give everything to go back in time

I was born in 1968 and my parents had an orange duster and I remember them playing Abba and Eric Clapton, Steve Miller.....meanwhile my older brother was introducing me to Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Kiss and Black Sabbath. He had this stereo that we would tape songs off the radio and at the beginning and end of each song on the tape would always be a few seconds of the dj chattin' away. There weren't 57 hockey games on a week, just one game, one night, Hockey night in Canada every Saturday night. Feathered hair, bell bottoms and when we wanted to watch a movie, my dad rented a vcr from the video store. Aaahhh.....good times.....

Hot chicks, hot cars, beaches and your best bud's basement! Calgon, take me away!

How could 140 people read your post and NOT respond? I was born in 1969 and I miss everything about the 70's as you do. You said it so well. My musicical choice would be different than yours - (GOD I miss real disco!) - but what a fantastic time to be around. We, as a country, were still on a high regarding space exploration, so there were plenty of shows and movies to be seen. And I grew up as you did... outside all day, then dinner, then out again until mom called us in to watch Donnie and Marie, Sonny and Cher, or something of the like. By 1986 I knew music was hopelessly dead, I already hated computers, (even though I was quite good with them,) and I could see people drawing away from one another and becoming more selfish and self absorbed. I can close my eyes with a certain song, or a smell, and I am transported back 30 plus years. Even now I can hear my mother blasting her Village People album and thinking "Thank God our nearest neighbor is an acre away!" (Although I loved it!) I feel kinda sorry for the kids today never knowing the scratch and pop of a vinyl record. the smell from a car with a carbuerator, fun and safe Halloween trick or treating, and wondering what 1980 was going to bring. I'd go back and relive it forever if I could. Maybe that will be my "heaven" after I am gone....

The 70s may not have been perfect, but for me they were great!

I hear you! I would go back to the '70s in an instant too, despite the fact that it had an economic crisis even worse than the one we're currently in (hard to believe!). I'd certainly miss my PlayStation and iPod, but if it was mid to late '70s, I'd have Pong! Life was, in so many little ways, much sweeter. The '70s weren't perfect, but I do think about them a lot.