The Best Of Times

Do you remember when a loaf of bread was under a dollar? Orange, brown and yellow were the "it" colors? Disco was alive and well, and we didn't know what the 80's held for us? It was a really exciting time for many of us who were lucky enough to experience it! Lots of folks only get to relive the 70's via recorded shows, music, and pop culture. I count my blessings that I lived it first hand - perhaps only a child born in 1969 - but I have so many great memories going waaaaaay back. I was a miniature adult my whole life!

We watched cars transform into slick, modern vehicles with square headlights instead of round ones. Clogs were really, REALLY cool! (Until my mother broke her ankle in them and I was forbidden to have a pair.) My hairdryer and a can of hairspray were my best friend, or my worst enemy on many a school morning... never could seem to feather my hair quite right. Simon was a tireless game, and you were the luckiest kid to get an Atari 2600 or cable TV. Board games and puzzles were something you looked forward to at Christmas. It never seemed to rain when you were having a really great game of kick ball with the kids in the neighborhood. We all spent the entire day outside just being kids and you only watched TV when it was too crappy out to do anything. American Bandstand came on Saturday mornings after cartoons - which I never bothered with! Ethanol was this strange thing that my dad said would blow up the engine in the car (Which I heard did happen occasionally.)

No one worried about cancer causing agents in our produce. Heck, we still had a hand pump labeled "DDT" in the garage! Cars had an odometer that rolled over at 99,999 miles, and a "high mileage" vehicle had 60,000 miles on it. Cassette tapes were a growing novelty. OH! And we bought a fancy TV that had a remote (the size of a small brick) in '76! Pop Rocks were forbidden in our class for all the ruckus they created. Fancy cars had coach lamps that I thought were classy as Hell. And even though my parents were fairly "European" in their method of raising us, I was still told "NO! You are NOT going to Club 747." Mind you, we were allowed to have an occasional small drink or a half a can of beer when in Canada at our cabin, so I saw no harm in going to a disco! LOL!

Speaking of disco, does anyone else feel it was the best in 79? I just never tire of hearing French Kiss, Donna Summer, Nightlife Unlimited, and scores of others! It was happy, fun, heart pounding, classy, "dance to" music that was so heavily orchestrated, you could hear a different instrument every time you really listened to it. I can still set the floor on fire with death defying drops and terrifying spins! (You pick up a lot watching Danny Terrio.)

These are just a smattering of random memories from my experience in the 70's. I so look forward to reading yours, too!! What I have read so far has me ever so hopeful that there are many more like us out there that feel the greatest period in our modern epoch has come and gone, but is NOT forgotten.
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1 Response Oct 11, 2012

I totally agree. As a kid growing up in the 70's, 1979 was my most precious year. I think of KISS, Crazy Eddie tv ads and microwaves...