It Was An Exciting Time!

I was born in 1970 and as the decade progressed I have so many memories. In many ways I feel fortunate to have been a child in the 70s and a teen in the 80s. There are so many things I miss. The 70s get a bad rap and I don't understand why. The music (in spite of a lot of one-hit-wonders) was inventive, fun and original. The movies: it was a golden age- movies tested boundaries and changed the film industry. The politics: from the break in at Watergate to the Iran Hostage crisis. AND THE TV! There seemed to always be something to watch on TV! I have over 300 channels now and hardly ever find something I want to watch. It's all reality TV these days. I miss the innocence of the time. I miss Saturday morning cartoons! I miss my Boo-Berry cereal. I miss the 70s so much.

rimbaud1970 rimbaud1970
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2 Responses Oct 12, 2009

You really summed up how I feel. The Saturday morning cartoons and Boo-Berry cereal, LOL! Good memories. I'm with you, being a kid in the '70s and a teen in the '80s was awesome. Though, I do envy those who were teens or twentysomethings in the '70s. But, hey, at least we're still young, ;-)

LOL,I'm still living in the 80s!!!I grew up during that decade.Man,was it fun,but who can blame people like us for wanting to go back to the passed when things meant something.TV,music and movies nowadays are all about image and money,not originality.We didn't need a teen girl running around singing on stage or in front of a camera dressed like a 10 dollar crack ***** for people to by her "cassette tapes",or a movie that didn't have a man in his late 20s ridiculously trying to act like a high school senior and TV shows and mini series that were wrote cleverly and with pride,which have been replaced by stupid idiots trying to get their 15 seconds of fame or some washed up has-been trying to get his popularity back(after he lost it from making the worst decisions of his life)by doing reality shows.It's a wonder how these young kids these days are saying that these are the best years compared to our younger years.If they only new how fun it was back then not to worry about style,music and teen culture.We were all one in the same back then(with the exception of the school yard bully of course,but look where they ended up,LOL!!!).