What I Miss About The 80's

I was born in 1972 so I miss a ton of stuff from the 80's like watching saturday cartoons back when they were good also watching so many awsome tv shows like knight rider and dukes of hazzard. I also miss the movies from the 80's like Goonies (I'm from Oregon and Astoria is on a hour away so I'm a huge Goonie) and back to the future and so many others. I remember going on a trip to Disney Land in 1985 was my family in our 84 chevy celberty. When I was older I remember cruzing the turn around in my cuzins 7o's datsun pickup with him and my brother.

Those were the days my friends I hope thay would have never ended.

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Are you my twin ?? ^_^ I, too, was born in 72 and miss the 80's. DOH and KR are still my all time fav tv shows. Loved Sat. morning cartoons, never could decide on which one to watch so I was always flipping the channels. Dad had to get the tv fixed due to that, and has NEVER let me forget it, heheh. I grew up in a largely rual area of N. Mid-TN. with no cable, in the town where my dad lived ( folks split when young) there was not much to do if you didn't drive, but at least there was a single screen movie house within walking distance from my grandfolks resturant, so went to the movies, A LOT !! Great memories !!

I created an 80's radio station on my windows media player that plays every single song in circulation during the 80's. If it was on MTV, American top 40, top 10, billboard hot 100, or movie soundtracks, I researched it, and recorded it. No Repeates for 28.9 hrs.

I started Highschool in the fall of 1980, so ALL of Highschool AND Collage were right within those 10 years, so no one, and I mean NO ONE could have possibly had a greater 80's experience than I did. I am sooo home sick for the 80's that words cannot describe. There is not a day that goes by that I don't pine for them. Yep, the music, the movies, the tv shows, and oh yea, those wicked cool cartoons! But don't forget Motocross Racing, BMX Racing, Bicycle Freestyle, Skateboarding, and on and on. Also girls liked guys back then too, and diddn't act all proud, snooty and narcisistic. Yea, they were the best times, no doubt about it friend!

I also miss the 70's to I loved all the tv shows and movies from the 70's and 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Ramcharger. I was born in 69 so I got to enjoy all of the 80s and remember everything. The summer of 86 was the best- had my first car and was able to cruise the beach. Van Halen 5150 was out and it rocked!