I don't necessarily miss the new jack swing music, the 90s dress code style, or the Kid and Play High top fade, but I miss the bliss of not worrying about bills and responsibilities, the cool summer nites all the kids would gather around someones porch at talk about nothing for hours, or the long bike rides, discovering girls are more than just people u tease and pick on LOL. Ahhhh the 90s were cool and will be missed by me LOL

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7 Responses Oct 22, 2009

The nineties were all that and a bag of potato chips

Yeah June pretty much i gotta take my own medicine every now and then LOL

Yeah Nahhh we are good just not following that old skool system of things is what frightens the older generation

People you tease and pick huh?

Gen X has enough problems LOL

Blame it on Generation X

I miss the days when people didn't end sentences with LOL, lol. <br />