I Miss The 90s. I Wish I Had A Time Machine

i really miss the 90s so much. i was just watching some of the movies i had from the 90s and the nostalgia it brings. i miss the way of life back then. everything seemed to be better back in those times. i even was into the trends and fashion that the 90s brought to us. nowadays i am behind and i am not like all the kids on the street. i just wish i could go through that time again. i liked the cars, fashion, tv shows, movies and the people i met in those times. hell, i was even cooler in the 90s then today. i had more friends and i was invited to so many parties, unlike today. i even had a girlfriend in my early school years. i was a cooldude. nowadays i;m just a washed out breadstick. i miss the music too. i like the music greenday had in the 90s and there were so many others bands i liked in that time. i even liked the hip hop from there. even the pop music was awesome. if only i had a time machine and live out my past. i guess it just wont happen and i have to move on, but at least my memories are something to keep from those times. i will never lose those memories and i will keep them so close to me.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 30, 2010

it's so depressing.

The trick is not to move on but to find the others baby boy were out here! If you truly want the 90's back you will make sure to write back. fetishlegion@yahoo.com