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Yeah, I do miss the Army. Let me begin by saying that yes, there is a lot of stuipdity and downright bs that goes along with it... having to suck up to weaklings who never went to combat. Having to wax barracks floors on deployments. 7-day a week work schedules when no one is being shot at and really nothing is going on. Some people having to work only 3 days a week and literally crying because it's 3-12 hours. Individuals wasting water in the desert by pouring it on the ground so they can have a spitter bottle when they should just quit chewing.

Still, I miss the Army. There is stupid crap in real life too. The Army has order. I like the fact that the buildings are all numbered and that at 0600 and 1700 or so, depending on where you are, the post stops and everyone honors their Country and the flag for a few minutes- Reveille and Retreat.

I like guns. I like blowing stuff up. I like driving Humvees. I liked being in shape. I like German food. I like bowling and that every post larger than my armpit has a bowling alley.

I like AAFES.  I LOVE the PX. Eggs and bacon in the morning after PT... and coffee.

Things are orderly in the Army. Everything on a post is, at some point, there to help the United States of America win a war. To better train, house, and feed a Soldier and their family if he or she has one. Or to provide something to do after duty so the Soldier doesn't go nuts from the boredom.

If I could just find a faster way to lose all this fat I could go back in.

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I don't know that I /miss/ it, but I do think about it often. Sometimes I dream about being back in the military but it's my current, old, out-of-shape self and not the skinny, strong kid I used to be.<br />
<br />
I'm a bit more cynical now about how our country uses its armed forces, but I do not regret my service at all. <br />
<br />
PS - I make spaetzle from time to time.

I miss the Army as well. I spent eight years on active duty. I am too old now to go back and tempting as that is I wouldn't even if I could. My family is the reason. But, what a life it once was! I spent a year in Korea. I really miss Korea. I think what I miss the very most is the friends. The people in my unit were great. All kinds of crazy nuts but extremely entertaining. Even during the bad times we could always find something to laugh about. It was a time that I will never get back and a time that I will never forget!