Missing Love And Passion

We talked everyday for six months, every hour and only went out of touch in the few hours we slept. We dreamt of each other and was so consumed with passion and equally taken by each other. We shared everything and the only thing we had in common was just us. I miss the laughter, the humour, the sheer force of Love I felt everytime he spoke like he cared and deeply loved. I believed the passion from him because I felt it. Now its been months since I've heard from him and my shattered heart and torn soul continues to wander from time to time if there'll ever be a man to fill all that space he created in my mind, heart and body. I've never fallen to the depths I had with him. I enjoyed the continuous fall with him, him promising to be there when we hit ground...eventually. I am now hooked on the idea of eternal love andpassion since I been touched by it; but wonder hopelessly if it was all pure and true. Would my soul be re-ignited for good next time? I keep my flame alive with the possibility of a true love unseen, somewhere out there looking for me; searching and walking towards mine soul.
Sane77 Sane77
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Yeah, it's possible for it to come back for someone else. Usually when you least expect. I had just hit a break up with someone claiming to be my "soul mate," fell in love with someone else, lost it, then fell in love with my true soul mate. It might die down after some time, after infatuation wears off, but it's the little things that will spark that candle to a roaring flame inside of you again, letting you know everything is perfect. A long held hug. Comforting you when you're sick. Cuddling together after a moment of intimacy. True love is out there, don't give up on it.