Always Wanted to Be Her

Mary Tyler Moore was great and i watched all her shows.



Laura Petrie, a wife and mother, on the **** Van Dyke Show






Mary Richards, a working woman, on The Mary Tyler Moore Show



A beautiful woman and a wonderful actress. Watching her i always wanted to be her in her role.

i could watch her shows over and over. Simply wonderful.

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Aww.... Mary is the best!! I loved her in Mary Tyler Moore show and the **** VanDyke show!! <br />
The DVK and the MTM shows was one for a while in the early morning hours and my kids would wake up early for school, they would climb into bed with us, and we would watch the shows.... when they were over, we'd get ready for school. They were like 4 and 5 years old. We had this routine for a long time and I loved it.. and they did too. My oldest was never (still isn't) a morning person, but she would wake up to watch every morning. <br />
Great memories!!

i love the old shows too! i miss when they used to show them all back to back on tv land. the mary tyler moore theme song always put me in such a good mood! laverne & shirley was my other favorite. there's nothing like the classics!

Love the old shows. Many of the actresses we just so beautiful and cool and lovely ... their parts were always the best.

I always like Ted Knights wife when she was on there.