What Happened To Eddie?

Whatever happened to good old eddie Murphy? You know the 48 hour eddie or the Beverly Hills cop eddie or better yet the golden child eddie Murphy.Looking at some of eddie Murphy's past movies and some of his present ones there is a very noticeable difference.It seems Eddie's joking is milder and it also seems as if his signature laughter is gone! Eddie no longer seems to play those cool,suave characters anymore.The only present movie in my opinion where he brought back some of his comedic genius was Norbit.Eddie really needs to get back into the raw eddie Murphy,Harlem's night eddie and better yet the Marcus graham character.I don't know if its eddie's present weight that sparked the difference but I'd say he really should gain back some weight into his face because it really looks thin.Remember prince akeem Eddie or hell who even misses the eddie that sings"Party all the time"?Eddie for the sake of your fans please go back to your old self.
meekgurl meekgurl
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012