Back when I started using the internet, in 2008, to early 2012, it was always so fun. I would go on the Cartoon Network website and play fun games, I played Minecraft almost every day, and Roblox even more so, and my brothers and I always used Youtube.

But here we are, where they destroyed all of this for no good reason.
* The Cartoon Network site is impossible to navigate now and they took off many (If not all) great games.
* Minecraft just steals crappy community mods without any credits and is turning into an RPG.
* Roblox is copying Minecraft and is adding realistic, well, EVERYTHING which is destroying the original intent for the game.
* Youtube was taken by Google. Google takes away the important and fun features and replaces them with pointless, annoying garbage.

Has anyone else noticed all of this? Everything is changing for the worse. And why?
PopcornLadder PopcornLadder
16-17, M
Aug 20, 2014