My Heros..

My heros have always been COWGIRLS!

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why not... because they are antiquated and useless. and p.s. you have to herd cows to be a cow girl/boy. remember just cause you dress like a cop it doesn't make you one.

kwallretirePBR<br />
come take a look at my albums, there are some rodeo photos there.<br />
<br />
yes, annie was somthing else!

Oh Yeah LilAnnie, the chaps are made of all kinds of metallic leather...<br />
<br />
BOOTS!<br />
You know what, there just has to be a pair of handmade boots somewhere down my path of life...

They have the best outfits! Bar none!

Yeah!!! :)

trailguide<br />
I almost have my pony team trained and just got a call about a wagon that might work for them....<br />
CAMPING TRIP anyone?<br />

How you been ladee54?<br />

Mine too ;)

Why not?<br />
heh<br />
ps<br />
I am a cowgirl!