I wish I could rever, just rewind and step back to 4 years, the best year of what I have lived so far. I met her, one of the most beautiful things that happened to me, but the real reason I would step back is due to the small things that made me happy. For instance walking to the bakers round the corner, calling a 25 year old unmarried guy uncle, eating to our hearts fill, tell dirty jokes, laugh our ***** out. That was my summer along with her. But the year at the boarding was the best thing ever, yeah it was. Those late night rants, playing football with a tennis ball in a corridor at 2 in the night, going to canteen and creating ****, peeing in the walls and then running off, giving a hard time to our house master, playing cricket on sundays, visiting the mayo lake, go to the roof tops of the main building, oh you havent seen mayo have you, its beautiful, here look, this is my boarding school,



That is my boarding house.


Anyways, it was beautiful, wherever I go, where ever I reach a part of me still lives there and will always miss that particular year of my life.


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I just chanced upon this story after a long I miss that year..