I Admit It, I Miss Our Kiss

So, I admit it.
I miss your Kiss, I miss the way you held me, and the way you made me feel.
I want so much to tell you, but i know that you are better without me. 
I remember that first night we kissed in the hotel room, then the phone rang.
And in an instant, our special moment ended. 
We were both scared, we knew who might be on the other end of that line. 
We also knew it wasn't our last kiss, no matter who called. 
We would kiss again. 
We would kiss many times over,  in the following months. Your Lips would wipe my problems away, if only for a short while. 
Our Kiss, endured a lot of heartache. Over time it became harder for our kiss to repair what we both destroyed.
And in a flash, a moment of anger, and disappointment, and pain.
Our Kiss disappeared. 
A that moment, I didn't miss our kiss, or your arms. I wanted free from our house of pain.
You are gone now, you finally walked away.
So did our Kiss.
For Today, I miss our kiss...I miss our kiss, I miss our kiss
For Today, I miss your arms...I miss your arms...I miss your arms
So I Admit, 
I miss our Kiss

rockohead rockohead
41-45, M
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thank you so much