I Don't Miss the White Space

I don't miss the white space. I like the new layout, it works very well with my monitor. If you folks miss the white space, I suggest you take some duct tape and run it along where the white space used to be, then poke yourself in the eye and pretend that the white space has reappeared.

I also suggest therapy. *







*Duct tape optional with therapy

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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I respect your opinion matey, but putting white duct tape on the screen does not make everything less crammed together. I think EP should make an option of whether you want the layout to be compact (for people with smaller monitors) or you want the old layout back.

EP used to fit on my entire screen. Now it's all....way too crammed together. I hate it. It's chaotic and busy.

I want the white space back, I hate how everything is crammed now. It used to be easy to figure out who was commenting on what story, now it's just a mess.