Its Very Un-zen...

 My screen is so cluttered now.

It used to be sort of soothing to look at...Tranquil... 

Now it looks like there wasn't quite enough space for everything.

It looks like my shoe cupboard. Very pretty, full of lovely things...But all squashed together and stacked up. 

I need a bigger shoe cupboard.

EP needs the white space.

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5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

***gasp***<br />
bog roll

Wow! Our "trolleys" always have a wonky wheel too.<br />
Okay, so what curse word would you use at the dodgy wheel? The southerners around here would say "dang."

No way it's a trolley!!!

What do you call the thing you push in the market/grocery?<br><br />
When I was a yankee it was a cart, now in the south it is a buggy.

I keep my cups in a cabinet :O