I Am An X Phile

TXF was awsome while it lasted although I think the last two seasons were a bit weird with mulder not in it...

However everyhing else rocked!!

I loved the storyline: Mulder, the FBI's prized profiler, started up his own search for his missing sister through paranormal cases, agent scully partnered up with him to originally debunk his work with her science... but the cases are something else

Questions of belief, science, How?? Why?? What the heck was that?? WTF just happened?  always kept me jumping on my seat!!

Im also a shipper and love their characters; him- the believer, the wisecracking heart throb, the emotionally stunted, innuendo throwing profiler and her- the catholic, go by the rules, all professional, skeptical scientist. They clash but thats what makes them so good together.

9years of suspension, witticism, conspiracy, paranormal activities, relationships, hard science, faith and we're left with I want to believe, trust no one, the truth will set you free and the truth is out there??

Chris carter bring them back, I heart TXF and miss it dearly

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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Totally agree!! I remember season 8 starting and thinking... any miunte now he'll just appear so i'll just wait, not knowing i had to wait til the nearing end for his meager appearance in a couple of eps!! wtf... season 8 and 9 probably wasnt their best ideas..

Yeah,that was a great show but without the original Mulder and Scully it wouldnt be the same.