You'll Never Know

thinking of you
every minute of everyday
even though it has been
thirty years ago

it's your smile
when you turn to me
that seemed to light up
every fibre in me

even after all these years
when i see your face and
hear your voice
my heart goes a flutter
my legs grow weak
in the knees
but you don't know
the effect you have on me
But it's okay
I don't mind it this way.

Let me remember you
as the one true love
who never knew
how much I really love you.
sweetsour sweetsour
46-50, F
2 Responses Dec 3, 2011

I think it hurts the same, perhaps, our skins are thicken. But, the pain is same. For me it is 33 years. I don't know where is she. The memory is always sweet and sour.

Thank you for your comment. He is my ex-bf. We met again after so many years. He still feels the same for me and mine became stronger for him. I dont know how to deal with this cos I think of him 24/7 and made worse by my lousy marriage. Not that I'm turning to him for comfort cos I dont want to complicate his life. sigh...How do i turn off this feeling?

Thank you. I hope it doesn't hurt that much now, for you.

Yes. I don't know it is hurt or pain. But, missing the person and missing the feeling; and not finding another one in all these 33 years, creates a vacuum and that vacuum at times is heavy. :)

Yes its true. I feel an emptiness inside me that nothing i do can fill it.