Missing Love - Poem

The world has seemed to speed on,
leaving me behind in a blur.
I can still see your sweet smile,
in my aching memory.
It may have been only a year ago,
but to me dear,
it has been a thousand years and more.
As I sit lonely on Valentines,
my thoughts swirl back to you.

Do you still think about me?
Do you still have dreams of us?
Can you feel my pain and desire for you?
Please tell me you do,
I think I'm going insane without your touch.
Waking up in the mornings,
without anyone to ask me how I am.
Without anyone to say they love me.

I want us to grow old together,
with grandchildren around our ankles.
When you hair starts to fall out,
I'll still find you as beautiful as ever.
When you need dentures,
I'll still kiss you with passion.
When your memory starts sliping,
I'll be there to remind you.
When you can't see anymore,
I'll be your eyes.
Anything to be with my true love :)

mysteryteen mysteryteen
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2011