You left me for someone else . . You said you care about me but you didn't , you broke my heart and even now I'm still waiting for you .
I know that you will never love me again
Even tho I cannot forget you .
I need to let you go . . . </3
Psychedilc Psychedilc
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2014

When we love someone who doesn't love us back only to see that person with someone else, is heartbreaking. But time heals our broken hearts. You will make it give yourself time.

That's true but nothing heals a scar :)

you will have big loves and smaller loves in your lifetime. and you wil find out how big or small they are by living your life and encountering love. you have just started sweetheart. and some loves wil haunt your thoughts for big periods of time. but you wil never know for how long. because another love wil come on to your path before you know it. and then things will change again. have faith you wil be loved before you know it. never worrie about that. i promise love wil find you.

nothing last forever

Thank you for giving me hope , means a lot :)