I Miss It Too

I just hit six months clean. I'm twenty years old.

I don't miss the waiting around, the antsy sitting about, the getting ripped off, the pilgrimage to go score, the damn police, the dissapointment, mates talking about my 'situation' to everyone but me, the DVT, lack of money, having two mates die, desperation...but I sure miss pulling back the plunger and having the blood roll into the pin and that first wave of warmth when the gear's good. I miss floating round the super market full of -not happiness- but bliss, just bliss, just being ok.

Yeah, I miss gear. Still, life goes on...for us. And that's the price we pay for knowing what it is to feel that way.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I couldnt agree more .

I miss it too.