I used to have a guy bestfriend. People thought that we're dating each other but actually not, before we had problems and stuffs he was really nice, funny, and talkative (in good way). We used to hang out together almost every Saturday. Since he be friend with one girl, he's really changed, especially his attitude. I disliked his attitude, seems like he's attention seeker and bullshitting, everytime people talk something he's going to be like "oh yeah i know that game/movie/or anything else, i've seen it long time" but actually he just knew it. I wish we could had that memories again, be nice, and you got your attitude back. I pretend that I didn't care about him, but I really care though. Sometimes, I tried to forget him but can't.
Ps. I just see him as best friend, no more.
Anonymously09 Anonymously09
16-17, F
Sep 20, 2014