I don't know but I felt like writing this. Days are getting busy and I have changed a lot. My visit to EP has changed like once in three months or some and that too is a one minute visit. I want to write something as a contribution for my friends who were there in EP when I created this account but not in contact now. I don't mind telling their names cuz they are not here anymore and I forgot their usernames too. I was totally childish, clingy and spoiled at those times. Even so, some good friends were there in EP... A girl added me as soon as I created this account (Forgot her name).
Then, A girl with the name Melisa was there. Lolz, she was talented and had extreme fluency at English. She was so caring that she was patient enough to counter my childish attitude. She has even created a group " I will be Friends forever with FriendsForEverandEver". She was fun. Thanks Melisa!
Then, a guy named Veer - He was a kind & caring friend. He texted me like my big brother and a friend though I was a bit nuisance back there. I am very thankful to him. He might not know this but I saw him as a sort of role model and inspiration apart from being a friend. I deeply bow in gratitude for him. Thanks bro!
There was this girl, 'Daisy Hills' who was.. well.. sort of someone so close who has implanted awesome memories, really awesome memories but I don't know what happened between us. It was because of my fault, -> we had a fight -> we were separated and her friend Takara was an extraordinary friend too who appeared like once in a year with a big message lolz! Thanks Dizzy and Takz!
Dr Stein - My excellent funny buddy! :D He never failed to entertain me. An excellent chat mate who synced with my expectations and ideas! We have each other's mail id but even so, we haven't talked after sometime. Anyway, thanks buddy!
Abby - The kindest girl I have ever met in EP. She was totally cool! Her caring can make anyone love her! I can even relate her to an anime type of girl. She promised that she will return to EP on last year Christmas but something made her not to do so... She is an excellent Bestie. Thanks Abby!
There was a guy whose name started with R.. Randal I guess? (not sure) He was an essay type of chatter! An extreme hardworker! Whenever he found time, he would write me mails with his full heart! We shared a lot like military friends sharing friendship mails rarely. He even extended his thought of deleting his EP account for writing me!. Thanks bro!
Sara and her friend (forgot his name) - Both of them are memorable friends. Sara was a jovial girl who texted me even while taking her classes XD.. I wish both of them would end as couples XD Thanks sara and X.
Alisha - The one who is a super genius!! She was nice enough to ping me whenever she was online. She was a trustworthy friend and she believed me a lot too! Thanks Alisha!
Drew - He was my clingy friend! He saw me as a more childish version of what I actually was! He would tell some real stories about magic and all merely cuz I like them. Thanks buddy!

The rest are somehow in contact with EP/gmail/whatsapp. You guyz have really made awesome memories during my stay in EP and am sure that I will cherish those memories (though am a horrible remember of names). As I am in corporate world now, I have realised that thing which each one of u told me directly or indirectly then and there ' People may come and go.. Life goes on ' . U r my memorable online buddiezzz. Hope we all succeed in life!

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a good post :)

Days were really awesome back then.

ikr and you replied back so soon :o :P

I read that story again; Randomly came across your comment and I felt like I haven't properly replied xD



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my name is not there. so i wont add you ever again.



That's great to hear


Your welcome