You said you loved me.. I believed you. I believed every word. Now I don't know what to believe... it went from "I love you babe" to "if you love something very much you must let it be free" idk..... should I keep trying? should I wait a few years and see if he's ready again? or maybe I should move on.. but he gave me his jacket.. to keep.. doesn't that mean he wants me to hold on to the relationship? so we could go back out again? maybe he's just messing with my emotions... but he said as soon as I turn 18 we could make it official... I'm only 14... it's bern days and I can't get over you... I have constant dreams about you... some good, most bad. I.. I love you.. so very much. please don't leave me.. </3
SenpaizKohai SenpaizKohai
16-17, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2015