When Did Manliness Become A Bad Thing?

Does anyone else find it odd that being a real man is practically scorned in today's' society? Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about testosterone pumped ******** or over-compensating tough guys. Those are some of many boys playing at being men. I was raised to understand that a man says what he believes and believes what he says. He is rugged and tough, protective and responsible. A real man has fire in his heart and thunder in his veins. He helps those he cares about, but doesn't coddle them. A real man knows how to fight, because life is war, and he never leaves his home unarmed. He is the master of his home, but he is not a tyrant. A real man knows how to satisfy his woman, with both passion and pleasure.

But nowadays. When I say what I feel, when I speak from the heart I am criticized. When I demonstrate spirit I am laughed at. Women prefer effeminate lady-boys to the real man. The word handsome is used condescendingly for people who aren't attractive instead of as a compliment to truly good looking men. Women laugh at passion, like it's some kind of joke. Then they get pissed off when their emo boyfriends don't treat them right. I can't count how many women i've known who pass up legitimate companions for "the hot guy" and get hurt in the end because he's just a piece of **** playing off his looks. Then they do it all over again.

It infuriates me. Hollywood celebrates these boys playing at being men, calling them the new hot, or modern sexy. While genuine masculinity is labeled as old school. I really do miss the days when men had hair on their chests and no one said **** about it. When men were men.
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I live in west Texas. I don't have television. I don't see your problem. <br />
My closest neighbor is a mile and a half, and that is by horseback, 7 miles by road. <br />
Last week I was in Mingus, Texas's convenience store, restaurant, grocery, butcher shop, dry cleaners, gas station, and whatever else is needed. Two pickup trucks with horse trailers pulled up in the parking lot. there were 3 saddled horses in each trailer. 6 cowboys, tall, lean, dusty, and wearing spurs came in for lunch. They were moving cattle from one pasture to another. These guys are the answer to your question. <br />
It isn't that there isn't and it is that there is. They are just not where you are. <br />
Come on down to west Texas or New Mexico.

mate i couldnt of said that better myself <br />
i am just being myself a MAN and if i never find a girl again that wants a man insead of the little boys out there well so be it , i am just again new to the dating world and now being 29 i find if you dont have big arms and a 6 pack and more cash then you need fro a life time women just dont want to know you , it makes it very hard , i am a man and a good bloke but there is no way in hell i am going to shave my cheast or my legs , or to find myself wearing a pink bloody shirt <br />
well mate good luck with it all

I concur with the second paragraph allll the way. Very true you are. <br />
The majority of youth today are messed (sorry if this is offensive to anyone). The last time I called a guy handsome (grade eleven?) he laughed and said "Don't you mean good looking?"<br />
MANY women love masculine men, I'm one of them. Even surviving highschool through all the immature giggles and whispers, illegal acts, I never wanted to be with the emo who always looks as if I could snap his leg by accident or have some leg shaver/chest waxer cheat on me. I admit I've never let any of them into my life intimately because honestly they're disinteresting!<br />
<br />
And please, stay manly doctorlazerus !