Im Injured!!

i have had a problem with my knee for about 3 or 4 months now, and ive just been trying to rest it, but its not working lol!!! i keep telling myself i need to go see a doctor, but somehow i keep forgetting, cos it doesnt hurt when i walk normally, it hurts when i put pressure on it, when i bend down or get back up again, walk up and down stairs or when i run, and i just miss working out, cos i cant, in case i do more damage to my knee!!
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hehe, enjoy!!

I'm glad you only needed to let it rest, I love excercising and wouldn't like to injure my knee at all, in fact I'm going to excercise right now. Bye :)

Book an appointment with your GP - your health is important!<br />
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You could try sit-ups/stomach crunches. Or perhaps focus your exercise on your upper body?