I Miss You Already

Mandy was a very dear friend of my wife, my family, and me. We all loved her for the free spirit she truly was. We all really, just loved her.

Her profile page will soon disappear, as it should, but I hope she will live on in EP through this group.

We love you Mandy.
We miss you Mandy.
May God grant you a place of honor in his heavenly domain.


Oliver Winslet
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5 Responses May 20, 2012

Total BS

What a nice person to say that. Shame on you.

Shame on me? There is absolutely nothing that mentions the death of this girl, or anyone, in the way you mention, and I can assure you that if a skydiving accident of this nature actually occurred there would be accounts of it posting in various places showing up on the internet. These kinds of things are not ignored or kept secret. There is also absolutely no death records or mention anywhere of the death of a girl named Amanda or Mandy Carter. I have no doubt that the profile page and photos were deleted because it was becoming apparent that it was all fake, and people investigating it further proved, or about to prove, this.

Is her profile still up? I'd love to see a link to it. She sounds like an amazing person.

The lonk is gone. It was . . . interesting.

OMG. I wondered what happened to her. As with so many others, I loved her stories. My sincere condolences. We all lost a free and beautiful spirit.


So you "honor" her with that avatar photo? That's disgusting.

Not to me. She would have loved it.

I don't think this type of photo is permitted on EP as an avatar, though. A bit graphic.

Maybe, but it was who she was.

we will also miss her. i feel sorry for u i know you are good with her.<br />
<br />
:--( i really want to know the details of the accident.

Mandy went on a parachuting adventure that went bad., It was one of those tandem jumps where she was hooked up to an instructor.

Everything was fine until the chute deployed. Apparently a strong gust of wind delayed the deployment and when it finally was fully opened one of the lines holding Mandy and the instructor to the chute had wrapped around her neck, breaking it, and according to the ER doctor, killing her instantly. She didn't have a visible mark on her body, except for a very fine rope burn on her neck.

She was buried naked. Her mom actually attended the funeral naked and gave one of the eulogies. My wife, Jeanette, Erin, Mandy's best friend, and Cindy, Allen's fiance, joined Mrs. Carter in nakedness at the graveside. It was a sad, but beautiful occasion.


thank you for the story, Ollie. I am very feeling sorry for the family and also to you. Feel quite sad for what happened, still cant believe such matter happens. I never try parachute and i think it does make me more aware now. Please take care and hope u will be fine.