I Miss Him Even Though I Shouldn't.

I'm kinda depressed. It's been a year and a half since I've seen mike and I still miss him so much. I'm happy with my current boyfriend and I want to be with tommy. But sometimes thoughts and memories slip through my mind about mike. I know it's completely normal to sometimes miss someone or miss the good memories. But it just keeps hurting every time it slips through my mind. I want it to get to that point if stuff like that slips through my mind I can smile and laugh about it and miss it in a whole different kind of way. But I just can't seem to do that without hurting. Mike and I left each other on a bad note. We never had any closure with each other we also jumped into another relationship way to fast without taking the time to think. We were basically high school sweethearts dated from sophomore year till the summer after senior year. Everyone saw us as the type of couple to get married after high school. Now basically I left mike for another guy. His best friend. I really liked tommy so I decided to go out with and now he is my current boyfriend. I love tommy to death. He is my world. But I can't help but think sometimes that mike was so much better then tommy so why did I leave mike he fought for me until he realized I didn't want him at the time. Scary part is tommy has some behaviors funny behaviors or facial expressions or movements that mike does. No wonder they were best friends. But who do I think of when I see that, mike. I don't plan on leaving tommy and if the chance ever arose to where mike and i would be together I wouldn't let that happen either he is just not right for me. He isn't someone I need to be around. But no matter what I will miss him I either need time to heal more or I need to find some way to have some type of closure. The funny thing is. I don't know how.

*all the names have been changed.
Sareanna852 Sareanna852
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013