The Day I Met Her~

We often meet many people in our lives, some remains in our heart for the life time and other just become ephemeral memories. Those who stays in our heart are indeed the special ones and its nearly impossible to forget them, no matter how hard one endeavors.
In May i met a girl on a social site , her name is Maye Brookes, she was so shying and her picture was blur but still i could see through it the smiling face of her , so i just texted her. We started to talk everyday and we both were feeling some sort of attraction towards each other, we both shared the same thoughts and even the birthdays (just 4 days difference). We became best friends and eventually fell in love with each other, but the sad part is this love is what we call Long Distance Love..... We tried hard to keep in touch with each other despite the ample difference in time zones. The work load on her started to increment and we gradually having less conversations. Today is 7th December, i haven't received a single mail from her, though she used to mail me twice evey month, since ever we lost our conversation pace. We still love each other to the deepest ! And we both are anticipating for the next year to endure more , because after that i will hopefully go abroad for my higher studies and will certainly going to culminate into tearful reunion with her~

Scorpion Love,
PrinceNasir PrinceNasir
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012